Ways To Contribute

This article will serve as a list of the ways anyone can contribute to this wiki, and it'll be updated as the needs of the wiki changes.

Since we're in the very early stages, the most important thing is getting more articles! Wondering what to write about? Anything about Northeastern that you think might be useful or interesting! If you're in a club, share what it's about and how others can get involved. If you took a class, write some advice you wish you had known. If you found a great study spot (and don't mind sharing), went to a fun student event, or figured out the best way to sneak food out of a dining hall, we want to know! Don't be discouraged if you don't know that much about something - if you start a small article with a couple of sentences, more people will add to it over time.

If you don't want to start a new article, or even write much at all, there are still plenty of ways to contribute by maintaining already existing pages or discussing ideas in the talk pages. Also, in addition to improving the wiki's content, we also need more readers and contributors. Word-of-mouth is very powerful, so anything you can do to promote the wiki or the wiki discord server would be a tremendous help.

Improving Content

Check out this article containing information for editors for some helpful resources for your first edit. When editing, please fill out the box describing what the edit is before saving. Even a single sentence goes a long way to making the wiki easier to maintain.

  • Start a new article - "Start" is important because no article is complete, and the first go at an article doesn't have to be anywhere close. Even a couple of lines and a link or two to an external resource is enough to start an article.
    • A list of potential articles that we think would be especially valuable to students may be found on our list of new article requests, but by all means start any article you find interesting or worthwhile.
    • Another way is to search through articles for red links, which means someone has marked that there should be an article about that, but there isn't. Here is a list of all red links that exist in the wiki.
  • Add/Fix content to an existing article - A lot of articles are stubs or first go-arounds. If there's any content you feel is missing, feel free to add it. If something is factually incorrect, fix it and give a comment in the Discussion page saying what was wrong and what the fix was.
  • Add links to an existing article - Internal links between articles are also very important for a wiki. If you see something mentioned in an article that does or should have an article of its own, add a link to it! If there isn't an article about it yet, it will appear as red and let everyone who views the page know that there should be an article about that topic.
  • Creating or maintaining categories - These are very useful for organizing the wiki. Feel free to create new categories or add articles to existing categories to make related articles easier to find.

Growing Community

Although the biggest thing to help grow the community is simply telling your friends about it, here are a couple of specific ways to help promote the wiki:

Answer questions online via links to Huskypedia - There are many online places where students are asking questions that are or should be answered on this wiki. Answering the question with a link to the relevant wiki article, creating a new article if necessary, lets people know about the wiki in a context where it is immediately providing value (by answering the question).

Share in class group chats, club discords, etc.