University Mail Services

Commonly referred to as "ResMail", all students who live in an on-campus residence hall, and some leased properties, will have their mail processed through the University Mail Services. Envelopes are typically delivered to a mailbox in your residence hall, while packages are delivered to one of the mailrooms, either in the Speare Hall or 716 Columbus mailrooms.

How it Works

Some time before you move in, you should receive an email that tells you what your mail/package address is, and what your mailbox combination is, if applicable. Have all mail shipped to this address, not to the address of your actual building, if that's different.

When a package or letter arrives, it needs to be processed by the mailroom staff, so it may take some time before you receive an email saying your package is ready for pick-up. Typically, this takes a day or two, but during the beginning of the semester, it can take much longer.

Sometimes packages will be placed in one of the many package lockers located across campus for pick-up instead of at the mailroom.


Mailrooms are typically backed up at the start of the Fall semester, for multiple weeks, especially once move-in has started, so it is advised to order things for delivery before or after this time if possible. Furthermore, there can be long lines at either of the mailrooms, but this has reduced in recent years with the introduction of the package lockers.


The ResMail site has a fairly comprehensive FAQ, but in case you find there's anything missing, please add them below.