Resident Student Association

What is the Resident Student Association?

The Resident Student Association (RSA) is a student government body (separate from the Student Government Association) that specifically represents students living on campus. RSA is led entirely by students (including both RAs and regular students) and focuses on hosting events on-campus, advocating for change in the residence halls, and providing leadership opportunities for resident students. See the RSA website for more information.

Every residence hall has a Hall Council that plans smaller-scale programs and advocacy initiatives within each hall. All of the Hall Councils combine to form the RSA General Council, led by an Executive Board, which plans campus-wide events and passes legislation to call for the University to enact change on campus.


What types of programs does RSA host?

RSA's signature event is Husky Hunt, an annual event where 50 teams of 12 people each must pass a challenging qualifying quiz to then participate in a 24-hour scavenger hunt across Boston with challenges, craft-making, and additional events throughout the day. RSA also frequently collaborates with other clubs on major events such as the Husky Global Fair, Homecoming, and Springfest. Beyond hosting its own events, RSA also distributes free or subsidized tickets to major events and venues around Boston, such as sports games, Boda Borg, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and more! Individual Hall Councils plan their own events within the residence halls based on their own ideas and community input.

What types of advocacy does RSA do?

RSA advocates for changes that directly affects resident student life, impacting things such as residence hall living and dining on-campus. This includes representing students on the Food Advisory Board (a monthly meeting with dining staff), working with housing staff on residential concerns, and more. Successful past initiatives include removing trays from the dining halls to reduce waste, expanding all-gender housing options, and improvements to the laundry system. Hall Councils also work directly with Residence Directors in their complexes to advocate for change on a local level.

What leadership positions are available in RSA?

In each residence hall, there is a Hall Council with multiple positions that represents their local community. In the RSA General Council, the umbrella group of all the Hall Councils, there is an Executive Board that manages the overall organization and Assistant Vice Presidents who help the Executive Board with their duties.

Where does RSA get its funding?

Every student who lives on campus pays a $32 dollar fee every semester called the Resident Activity Fee. The revenue collected from this fee funds RA Staffs, Hall Councils, and RSA. For more details on the fee, how it is allocated, and the policies on its use, see the most recent copy of the RAF Manual on the RSA website.