Incoming Freshman Survival Guide

Congratulations on attending Northeastern University! You probably have a lot of questions - the goal of this article is to answer them. Check out the articles and resources below, and if you find something that's missing, please add an article for it!


As an incoming freshman, you do not have to (or get to) register for classes yourself. Instead, your academic advisor will choose a course plan for your first semester based on your major. Depending on the major, you may have some leeway in choosing your classes, especially for NU Path requirements. A typical first semester course load will include a couple of introductory major requirement classes, First-year writing (if applicable), a First-year seminar class (major-specific), and potentially some NU Path requirements.

See articles on majors and classes for more specific information on them.

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Living On Campus

Freshmen are assigned residence halls to live in their entire first year (Fall and Spring semesters) largely based on their chosen Living Learning Community (LLC). Freshmen in the Honors program live in specific housing designated for honors students (primarily East Village). Within an LLC, the exact room you are in is determined by Housing, but you can request to be with particular roommates or fill out a roommate preference form for better matching. Rooms in freshman dorms range from semi-private doubles to quadruples with common bathrooms, but none have kitchens, which is why freshmen are required to be on at least the 12 meal dining plan.

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Administrative & Financial