HIST 1000
History at Northeastern
HIST 1130
Introduction to the History of the United States
HIST 1150
East Asian Studies
HIST 1170
Europe: Empires, Revolutions, Wars, and Their Aftermath
HIST 1185
Introduction to Middle Eastern History
HIST 1187
Introduction to Latin American History
HIST 1200
Historical Research and Writing
HIST 1201
First-Year Seminar
HIST 1215
Origins of Today: Historical Roots of Contemporary Issues
HIST 1218
Pirates, Planters, and Patriots: Making the Americas, 1492–1804
HIST 1225
Gender, Race, and Medicine
HIST 1232
History of Boston
HIST 1300
Introduction to Health and Humanities
HIST 1389
History of Espionage 1: Antiquity to World War II
HIST 1390
History of Espionage 2: Cold War Spies
HIST 2000
Native American Resistance: Past and Present
HIST 2011
Capitalism and Business: A Global History
HIST 2211
The World Since 1945
HIST 2217
The Global Far-Right since 1945: Politics, Culture, Violence
HIST 2220
History of Technology
HIST 2282
The Holocaust and Comparative Genocide
HIST 2301
History Seminar
HIST 2302
Historical Writing
HIST 2311
HIST 2351
Modern Japan
HIST 2373
Gender and Sexuality in World History
HIST 2375
The Tudors, the Stuarts, and the Birth of Modern Britain
HIST 3330
The Global Cold War
HIST 3334
Assassinations in World History
HIST 4701
Capstone Seminar
HIST 5101
Theory and Methodology 1
HIST 5237
Issues and Methods in Public History
HIST 5241
Exhibits and Museums
HIST 7250
Topics in Public History
HIST 7251
Topics in American History
HIST 7314
Research Seminar in World History
HIST 7370
Texts, Maps, and Networks: Readings and Methods for Digital History
HIST 7976
Directed Study
HIST 8409
Practicum in Teaching
HIST 8410
Fieldwork in History 1
HIST 8411
Fieldwork in History 2
HIST 8960
Exam Preparation—Doctoral
HIST 8986
HIST 9990
Dissertation Term 1
HIST 9991
Dissertation Term 2
HIST 9996
Dissertation Continuation